Absolutely DUST FREE Hardwood Floors 
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Our One Year Limited Warranty

1.  All materials excluding wood, and work performed by Absolutely Dust Free Hardwood Floors, with respect to floor finishing, shall be guaranteed for the period of one year against flaking, pealing, bubbling, or any other defect ("Defect's") excepting normal wear and tear associated with the normal use of the home.  Absolutely Dust Free will correct any Defects, after receiving notice from homeowner of said defects.

    a.  Normal Wear and Tear
Any reduction or changes in the sheen level shall be considered surface wear.  The warranty applies only to normal residential use and traffic.  It does not cover damage caused by water, pets, erosion, dents, gravel, scratches or improper maintenance.

    b.  Improper Use
We do not assume responsibility for any finish or flooring damage caused by misuse, abuse, damage by accident or other events beyond our control.  This warranty does not extent to damage caused by heavy furniture or equipment, pets, damage caused by impact, damage or scratches caused by sharp or pointed objects, damage by water, improper foot traffic or damage caused by excessive or continued exposure to direct sunlight.

2.  Homeowner understands that wood is a natural product that has many complex, characteristics that may vary widely between species, grade, and existing finish. 

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